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AvatorBox With LG Tool
AvatorBox Can use with Setool LG Software

Use AvatorBox Jig's (Connectors)
User any RJ45 anybox oo RJ45 cable to work with Setool LG Software..

How to use AvatorBox Jig's  (Connectors) with Setool LG Software

Now you need to take with AvatorBox Jig connector
For example: P-18B this works with LG KG270 whitch I am using for demo flashing

Connect it with AvatorBox and open pinout option in AvatorBox.

Now open Setool LG Software select ComPort of AvatorBox and select your phone model
after click on cable name to get pinout info

Now go to avator pinout function and select pinout according to Setool LG Software
cable pinout info and click set into AvatorBox pinout.

Now go to Setool LG Software and click connect.


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